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INDIANAPOLIS – The best start to his 7-year NFL career has T.Y. Hilton not being as stationary in where he lines up pre-snap.


Hilton has noticed it, too, with Frank Reich wanting to keep defenses guessing on where No. 13 is going to be on a given play.


“He doesn’t give the team a beat of where I’m going to be at,” Hilton says of Reich. “He moves me around and keeps me moving.


“The defense has got to find me and it’s tough. We have a lot of playmakers and by him moving me around it helps out everybody.”


Through two weeks, Hilton has 12 catches for 129 yards and 2 touchdowns. The receptions and touchdowns are the highest of his career after two games.


Seeing Hilton move around as much as he has early in 2018 is a surprise to those who have seen him in prior seasons.


It’s not a surprise to the coaches who are trying to scheme Hilton open.


“A staple of this style of offense, is just to move,” offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni says. “He’s our best receiver, (so) just to move him around it really is hard for a defense to roll the coverage to him or do some of the things they want to do to the top receiver when you move him around. We’re just trying to make it as hard as we possibly can for the defensive coordinator and the defense to identify where he is and just try to get him in spots where not only is he trying to get the ball, but also decoys and runoffs because of how fast he is.


“Obviously, T.Y. draws a lot of attention because he has played at such a high level for so long. So it’s not only to get him the ball, it’s also to get somebody else the ball when we move him around. I think that has just been a staple of this style of offense throughout the years.”


One area where Hilton has definitely flourished this year is deep in the red zone.


For all of Hilton’s impressive (border-line Canton-like numbers) early in his career, the touchdowns have never been at that level. His career-high in touchdowns for a season is 7.


Hilton’s three-yard touchdown against the Washington Football Team came out of a bunch set with Chester Rogers and Jack Doyle around him.


His five-yard TD grab against the Bengals came with him split out wide, all alone to the left side of the formation.


Reaching the double-digit touchdown number remains a goal for Hilton, and it should be a realistic one given the offensive philosophy and the return of Andrew Luck.


“I haven’t had that in my career,” Hilton acknowledges. “It’s something I want.”


No matter where on the field, it’s all part of the goal to get the Colts’ top playmaker the ball.


“He’s such a good player and we think so highly of T.Y. we want to try to get the ball in his hands when we can,” Sirianni says.


“When we sit there, we plan red zone it’s, ‘Hey, how do we get these guys the football?’ And T.Y. is always on that list.”