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INDIANAPOLIS – After the Colts played a 70-minute football game on Sunday afternoon, hardly anyone was showing up at 6:00 AM on Monday morning.

But Robert Turbin was there, reporting for his first work of the 2018 regular season.

Turbin’s four-game suspension is over and the Colts now have a weeklong exemption before they must decide whether or not to call the veteran running back up to the 53-man roster. If the Colts want Turbin to play on Thursday in New England, they must make that decision by Tuesday 4:00 PM.

While Turbin’s return isn’t likely to be the cure all to the Indy run game woes, his veteran presence would be helpful in specific situations.

Frank Reich said on Monday that if the Colts do activate Turbin for Thursday’s game, he could be used in a limited/situational role.

Turbin said that he’s treated the past four weeks like the offseason, training with full pads and a helmet and heading back to his old high school to workout with guys.

“Good to get to the reactive part going, moving off guys, cuts, running routes against coverage,” Turbin said on Monday.

Besides the Turbin news, here’s a notebook look at other tidbits from the Colts on Monday:

  • Frank Reich wants to hedge a bit on his ’10-for-10’ comment in always going for the 4th-and-4 in Sunday’s overtime loss to the Texans. Reich knows that each circumstance is individual: “It’s probably not a complete/absolute as much as it is a mindset of being aggressive. There’s always a lot of things to consider. The mindset is we are going to be aggressive.
  • Reich also provided some great detail on why he didn’t hesitate in going for the 4th-and-4: “Obviously thought a lot about it in the last 24 hours and still feel really good about the decision. I know, I understand the other side of that decision and I am not saying that that’s not fair, but in my mind, right now we are the best team in the NFL on third down. We are really good at converting those, so that’s number one. Our quarterback was on fire, that’s number two. Our offense was on fire, I didn’t feel like they could stop us, so that was a big factor. If we convert it, I’m going to have to use a timeout and we are going to be on the (Houston 49-yard line) with 23 seconds to go and no timeouts. I just saw (Adam Vinatieri) make a 65-yarder in practice with room to spare. So in my mind we only need 10 more yards and we have 23 seconds. I got all kinds of options. I can throw it over the middle and clock it. They’re probably going to play man coverage. They’re probably not going to play zone. So we can probably still have sideline throws available to us and take it at five-yard chunks. If they cover the sideline, we can take a 10-yard chunk and clock it. I really felt positive about all those options. So it was a bit risky and it was a bit aggressive, but I think it was the right call. I feel good about it. Just didn’t feel good about the execution.”
  • On Monday, Reich was gushing about re-watching the performance of Andrew Luck from Sunday. Luck set a career-high with 464 passing yards. He also tossed 4 touchdowns and 0 interceptions, completing 40-of-62 passes. “Literally, I just felt like he could do nothing wrong,” Reich said of Luck’s performance in Week Four. “I felt like everything he called, he was making it work. If it wasn’t open, he was making it work. Anybody who was questioning anything about arm, throwing the ball down the field, he’s consistently answered those questions time and time again. People questioned him from the beginning of the year to whatever. He just got it going big time and played at a super-high level. I think we were all feeding off that confidence of what our franchise quarterback was doing.”
  • We will get more into New England the next couple of days. However, I get the early vibe that this locker room will be up to try and match Chris Ballard’s words of: “The rivalry is back on.” Do players have any lingering emotions from what Josh McDaniels did to the Colts? “I was a little salty that he would pull out like that, but he’s got to do what’s best for him,” Chester Rogers said of McDaniels on Monday. “It would be good to go get this win and show him what he’s missing out on.”
  • When you play a Thursday night game, the NFL mandates a Monday injury report even though teams just hold a walk-through some 24 hours after a game. So, the Colts had the following players as DNPs for the ‘first practice’ of the week: TE-Jack Doyle (hip), CB-Nate Hairston (right ankle), WR-T.Y. Hilton (chest/hamstring), C-Ryan Kelly (hand), LB-Darius Leonard (left ankle), CB-Kenny Moore (concussion), DT-Hassan Ridgeway (calf) and CB-Quincy Wilson (concussion). Obviously, the Colts will need a few of these guys to be healthy for Thursday, with Hairston, Kelly and Leonard being the most likely. Also, OT-Anthony Castonzo (hamstring) and RB-Marlon Mack (hamstring) were listed as ‘limited.’ For the Colts to field a healthy 46-man team on Thursday night, they will need at least 3 of these 10 names to be ACTIVE.
  • The Colts only ‘real’ practice of the week will come Tuesday afternoon. The team will then have a Wednesday walk-through before heading off to Foxborough for the Thursday night contest.