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Michael Hickey | Getty Images

INDIANAPOLIS – As the yards were piling up on the ground Sunday afternoon, and therefore away from Andrew Luck’s own individual stat line, it was the quarterback pleading to Frank Reich for more and more.

Keep running it. Keep running it.

Those were Luck’s words to his head coach as the quarterback was finally witnessing the run game production he had longed for in his entire career.

“There were plays to be made in the secondary,” Reich said after the 37-5 win over the Bills. “But (Luck) sensed the momentum that we had in the run game, and knows that’s an important ability.

“Literally after every series it was like, ‘Keep calling runs. Keep calling runs.’”

Could you blame Luck?

The quarterback was witnessing the best rushing output the Colts had produced (220 rushing yards on 37 carries) since 2011.

Marlon Mack was running for 126 yards—the most a player has ever run for in a game Luck’s started—and piled up just the 4th 100-yard rushing day in one of Luck’s 77 career games played.

“It is a joy to watch,” Luck said of having a productive run game. “I think our first drive was a three-and-out and our second drive may have been a three-and-out as well, but there were positive runs in those drives.

“Frank kept coming back to it, kept coming back to it and then it sort of felt like the dam burst open at one point. It certainly makes a quarterback’s job simpler and easier.”

Luck played like that on Sunday, throwing for 4 touchdowns and recording the 5th highest quarterback rating of his career.

In 7 seasons, Luck has never had a consistent rusher, outside of Donald Brown’s 5.26 yards per carry in 2013.

The emergence of Mack (who is currently at 6.1 YPC on 41 attempts), who was playing just his second full game ever with Luck, is something that the Colts have been waiting to fully witness in game action.

“We see things at practice and we’re like, ‘This guy sees stuff ahead of when it happens,’” Anthony Castonzo says of Mack. “He does some impressive things and he’s able to make us look good, too.”

The offensive line deserves ample credit, as well.

With the starting unit now including a quartet of top-40 draft picks, plus fourth rounder Mark Glowinski, there’s plenty of talent up front.

That talent, which has now been completely together in back-to-back weeks, saw the results in chunk run plays on Sunday.

Coming into Week 7, the Colts had just 10 rushes of at least 10 yards this season (good for 29th in the league).

They nearly matched that on Sunday alone, with 9 rushes of at least 10 yards. The balance of those plays against the Bills were notable, too. Three came on the right side, six came on the left side. Four came from Mack, three came from Nyheim Hines and two from Jordan Wilkins.

Not often after a game do you hear an NFL head coach call one of his position unit’s play ‘unbelievable.’

But Reich did that, after Sunday’s 37-5 beatdown, with the offensive line paving the way for one of the best rushing performances in quite some time.

“It just gives you a feeling of physical power and dominance,” Reich says of having a consistent, reliable ground game.

“They certainly showed that (Sunday) against a really, really good defense. (Buffalo’s) defense was ranked top-10 in every category, a hard defense to run the ball against. The O-line just did a great job.”