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Andy Lyons | Getty Images

It was a big weekend for the Pacers after hanging on to beat the Bulls on Friday then burying the Celtics on Saturday night with a Dipo Dagger.

They now sit at 7-3 and seventh in the Sports Illustrated NBA Power Rankings. From

7. Pacers | Record Last Week: 3-1 | Overall Record: 7-3 | Previous Ranking: 9

Are you loving season two of The Victor Oladipo Show as much as I am?

The dagger against the Celtics was one of the coldest things to ever happen in the state of Indiana since Michael Jackson first learned to Moonwalk. The Pacers are going to need Dipo to be more reliable from beyond the arc than he was this week if he’s going to let it fly so much this season, but as long as he continues to step up in the big moments of close games, the rest of the team will plug whatever holes need to be filled from night-to-night to put Indiana in position to win.

The list of teams ahead of the Pacers is as follows: 

1. Warriors (obviously)

2. Raptors

3. Nuggets (huh)

4. Celtics

5. Bucks

6. Trailblazers

Sure, it’s a bummer that the Pacers just beat the Celtics, and they’re still ranked below them, but the win on Saturday night showed that this ‘Cers team is for real and here to stay in the Eastern Conference. 

Pacers – Nuggets NBA Finals? 

Here for it.