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INDIANAPOLIS – It’s hard to argue with the numbers.

Through 10 weeks of the NFL season, the Indianapolis Colts have seen their tight ends catch 15 touchdowns this season.

That’s the best in the NFL. And second place is a distant 8 touchdowns.

So, do the Colts have the best tight end bunch in the league?

“I let them speak,” a smiling Eric Ebron says of numbers indicating that the Colts’ tight ends lead the league in touchdowns by a wide margin.

“If that’s what they say, then that’s what it is…”

Ebron is the one tight end drawing the deserved Pro Bowl attention, an honor many thought would come his way after being taken 10th overall in the 2014 Draft.

But after 4 underwhelming seasons with the Lions, Ebron is flourishing with the Colts.

He has 26 catches for 463 yards and 11 total touchdowns this season. Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown is the only player in the NFL with more touchdowns than Ebron.

Even sans Ebron, the Colts have still received contributions from several tight ends.

“We knew we were going to be a position that has a lot of opportunity,” Jack Doyle says of a position that was always one Frank Reich pointed to as something he would use a lot after being named head coach.

“We have such a deep group and a group where everybody brings something different to the table. That’s what makes us work so well. There are other groups in the NFL that have a lot of good tight ends, but I think what makes us different or so effective is everyone bring something a little different and Frank is doing a good job of dialing up things to put guys in position to be successful and Andrew (Luck) is finding us with the ball.”

Like his most dependable tight end, Reich also points to the group’s versatility as its biggest strength.

“Some tight ends you say, ‘Hey, this guy is a blocking tight end or this guy is a receiving tight end.’ We don’t have anybody that’s at that extreme,” Reich says. “We don’t have a tight end who is just a receiver. We don’t have a tight end who is just a good blocker. I think their willingness to be versatile and to play those different roles is helpful.”

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Offensive coordinator Nick Sirianni points to a wide receiver as a major key for the tight ends hauling in nearly double the amount of touchdowns more than any other tight end group in the league.

“T.Y. (Hilton) gets the top corner, usually,” Sirianni says. “As you have other receivers in the game, teams tend to put their defensive backs on those receivers. So that leaves the safeties and linebackers covering your tight ends. I think they’ve just done a phenomenal job of taking advantage of those mismatches, all of them. Again, they all have their strengths. Eric Ebron, Jack Doyle, Mo Alie-Cox, all of them, Ryan Hewitt. Ryan is more of our fullback-type tight end that can also do things out of the backfield and do things at the line of scrimmage and has really good hands and runs good routes. Eric Ebron has just been a playmaker. Every time he’s given the opportunity to make a play, he makes a play. After 10 weeks, that’s not a coincidence anymore, or nine weeks pardon me. That’s not a coincidence anymore. It is, ‘Oh Eric Ebron, he made another play on third down, made another play in the red zone.’ Again, Jack Doyle is just an all-around good player that can run good routes. That’s kind of a combination of both of those guys, right? The combination of Ryan Hewitt and Eric Ebron together. Jack just makes plays when he has an opportunity, he takes advantage of the mismatches of defenders covering him and he is also going to stick his nose in there and block you. And really, really excels as a blocking tight end which I think is a little bit of a rarity in today’s NFL. And then Mo Alie-Cox is just a huge man that is just really learning how to play football. This is really the beginning of his football career. All these guys that – I think about myself, I started playing football when I was seven (years old) and then probably very similar all the guys in the room started playing football when they were seven. He was playing basketball at that time. He is just really learning to start to play football and you can really see him improve a little bit each and every day, get a little bit better every day because it is brand new to him. (Erik Swoope), I knew he was a good playmaker when we first got here. So I have seen him be steady and continue to get better. Obviously, everyone’s goal is to just get a little bit better every day. I know he was well coached prior to us coming here. I know he had good coaches before that. I continue to see him develop. I know he is a little dinged up right now, but yeah, I definitely saw growth in there particularly as a blocker.

“I think as a group, as a whole, they are coached really well. I think Coach (Tom) Manning is a phenomenal coach. He was an offensive coordinator for Iowa State and coached for a great head coach with Matt Campbell. He’s a great football coach that’s really helping develop their talents more so even taking them to another level that they can’t reach themselves.”

On Sunday, the Colts will face a Tennessee defense that has yet to allow a touchdown to a tight end in 2018.

If 1 of the 5 tight ends for the Colts do get into the end zone on Sunday, the entire group will be eager to celebrate because of another trait that its leading scorer points to.

“Nobody is selfish,” Ebron says. “And that’s this team. We are unselfish. If this play is designed to get this person open, we are going to run it like we are getting the ball. That’s just how it works. It makes it for a great offense.”