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INDIANAPOLIS – From a record standpoint, the Colts (5-5) have a mark good enough to be in the 2018 playoffs right now.

But the tiebreakers are not currently in their favor, with 5 teams right now holding a 5-5 record for that final Wild Card spot.

As was stated last week, the division remains difficult with Houston’s (7-3) very favorable schedule waiting in the final six weeks.

So, let’s focus on the Wild Card, with the Chargers (7-3) in a position to claim the first Wild Card.

But what about the fight for the 6th seed?

Here are the remaining schedules for the handful of 5-5 teams:

Ravens: Raiders (2-8), at Falcons (4-6), at Chiefs (9-1), Bucs (3-7), at Chargers (7-3), Browns (3-6-1)

-This is a very tough road slate of games for a team currently dealing with an injury at quarterback to Joe Flacco. Baltimore has the early tiebreaker over these other teams based off their 5-3 mark in the conference.

Dolphins: at Colts (5-5), Bills (3-7), Pats (7-3), at Vikings (5-4-1), Jags (3-7), at Bills (3-7)                   

-Some road blocks are there for the Dolphins coming out of their bye week. Miami is a head scratcher to see just how they’ve even been a .500 team through 10 games.

Bengals: Browns (3-6-1), Broncos (4-6), at Chargers (7-3), Raiders (2-8), at Browns (3-6-1), at Steelers (7-3)

-The Bengals hold the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Colts and have a favorable slate to close out the year. The A.J. Green injury watch could end this weekend. Would Pittsburgh be resting guys in Week 17?

Colts: Dolphins (5-5), at Jaguars (3-7), at Texans (7-3), Cowboys (5-5), Giants (3-7), at Titans (5-5)

-Three divisional road games, and another big one this Sunday loom for the streaking Colts.

Titans: at Texans (7-3), Jets (3-7), Jaguars (3-7), at Giants (3-7), Washington Football Team (6-4), Colts (7-3)

-After Monday night with the Texans, the Titans have 4 very winnable games especially when you factor in the injury to Alex Smith.

Tiebreaker Notes

-Conference record is the first tiebreaker under this 5-team scenario.

Go play with the ESPN Playoff Machine, if you’re bored.


Current AFC Playoff Picture

1. Chiefs (9-2)

2. Steelers (7-2-1)

3. Patriots (7-3)

4. Texans (7-3)

5. Chargers (7-3)

6. Ravens (5-5)

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