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INDIANAPOLIS – Monday’s result of the Texans (8-3) beating the Titans (5-6) had pros and cons for the streaking Colts.

The con was Houston’s eighth straight victory hurt the chances of the Colts still trying to win the AFC South.

For the Colts to win the division, they must win out and have the Texans lose at least twice.

Houston’s remaining schedule is: Browns (4-6-1), Colts (6-5), at Jets (3-8), at Eagles (5-6), Jaguars (3-8).

With the Texans continuing to rattle off wins, the Wild Card remains the most realistic route for the Colts to make the playoffs.

The loss for the Titans did help the Colts as Indianapolis tries to create some separation in the hunt for the final Wild Card spot.

The Chargers (8-3) won in Week 12, so they are 8-3, a full two games up on the rest of the AFC teams hunting for one of the two Wild Card berths.

So, let’s focus on the last Wild Card spot, with the Chargers (8-3) in a position to claim the first Wild Card and the 5th seed.

Here are the remaining schedules for teams in the Wild Card hunt for the 6th seed:

Ravens (6-5): at Falcons (4-7), at Chiefs (9-2), Bucs (4-7), at Chargers (8-3), Browns (4-6-1)

-With Lamar Jackson at quarterback, the Ravens have won two straight games, but a trio of difficult road games remain. Baltimore has the current tiebreaker over the Colts because they have a better conference record (6-3 vs. 5-4).

Colts (6-5): at Jaguars (3-8), at Texans (8-3), Cowboys (6-5), Giants (3-8), at Titans (5-6)

-The Colts, winners of 5 straight games, enter December with three road divisional games to close out the final month of the season.

Dolphins (5-6): Bills (4-7), Pats (8-3), at Vikings (6-4-1), Jags (3-8), at Bills (4-7)                               

-Miami missed a huge opportunity in Indy this past Sunday. They now have some ground to make up as the lead team of the 5-6 group.

Bengals (5-6): Broncos (5-6), at Chargers (8-3), Raiders (2-9), at Browns (4-6-1), at Steelers (7-3-1)

-For the Bengals to get into the playoffs, they will have to do it with Andy Dalton now on injured reserve. It’s Jeff Driskel under center for a team that has now lost 5 of their past 6 games.

Broncos (5-6): at Bengals (5-6), at 49ers (2-9), Browns (4-6-1), at Raiders (2-9), Chargers (8-3)

-The Broncos have won two in a row and have 4 straight games against teams with records under .500.

Titans (5-6): Jets (3-8), Jaguars (3-8), at Giants (3-8), Washington Football Team (6-5), Colts (6-5)

-Monday’s loss to the Texans was a tough blow, but the Titans do have a very manageable schedule on the horizon.


Current AFC Playoff Picture

1. Chiefs (9-2)

2. Patriots (8-3)

3. Texans (8-3)

4. Steelers (7-3-1)

5. Chargers (8-3)

6. Ravens (6-5)

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