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Indianapolis becomes the center of the NFL universe one week every year, and that week is here. 

Who needs the Super Bowl when you have the NFL Combine every year? (In all seriousness the Super Bowl needs to come back here, but for now we’ll take the annual Combine. No other football city can say that)

The rules meetings, underground gathering of the NFL’s most powerful, and behind-the-scenes deal making has already begun, but the official start date is Thursday running through next Monday. 

This is where the players will be on the field, in the weight room, and being interviewed. 

So what can you go see and where? lays out the full activities available to see here.

Come enjoy the excitement of the NFL Combine and watch future NFL stars bench press in front of NFL scouts and NFL Network cameras! Fans are encouraged to wear their favorite NFL team gear and cheer on NFL prospects as they start their journey to becoming a member of the NFL family.
NOTE: When the prospects begin their bench press, there is no recording or photography permitted.


Indianapolis Convention Center – Hall J
100 S Capitol Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46225
Thursday, February 28: 2PM-5PM (doors open at 1): Positions: OL, RB
Friday, March 1: 2PM-5PM (doors open at 1): Positions: QB, TE, WO, PK
Saturday, March 2: 2PM-5PM (doors open at 1): Positions: DL, LB
Sunday, March 3: 2PM-4PM (doors open at 1): Positions: DB

It’s really amazing how people will carve out time of their day/weekend to go watch college kids bench press. I’m not hating, I’d probably do it because that’s how much I love the NFL. 

Tough day for those who ask why the NFL is “better” than the NBA when there’s people who would go watch bench pressing live in-person who also don’t even know the NBA has a scouting combine as well. 

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