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It’s long been talked about that the NFL will eventually want to leave tiny ol’ Indianapolis and move the Combine to the glitz and glamour of Hollywood

With only one year left on the league’s deal to keep the annual Combine in Indy, city officials are trying their best to make the NFL realize there’s no better place to hold the scouting event. 

From Pro Football Talk

“As the league toys with the possibility of making the Combine a glitzy prime time show in a venue like Los Angeles, officials from Indianapolis’s tourism bureau want the league to commit to keeping it where it is. Currently there’s only a commitment for one more year in Indianapolis.

“Retaining the NFL Scouting Combine is paramount, as they have met here since 1987 and we only have them booked through next year,” Chris Gahl, senior vice president of Visit Indy, told the Indianapolis Star. “We are hopefully optimistic that in the next months, the NFL will make a decision and the Combine will remain safe and sound in Indianapolis.”

Virtually no one wants the Combine to leave Indianapolis, and that’s including the big-wigs who cover the NFL like Peter King to every NFL team’s brass. 

It’s been here. It works here. It should stay here. 

But, we all know that’s not how the NFL works. Look at what’s happened since they’ve moved the draft from Saturday during the day in New York every year to primetime on Thursday and Friday night, followed by a new host city every year. 

It’s become the Super Bowl of the spring, and every city wants to play host now. 

Why not do the same for the Combine? It’s a tough sell. 

The one thing that’s different from the draft to the Combine is that the draft is a made-for-television show. The drama, the green rooms, the unpredictability, the tears from newly drafted players all makes for the best reality TV show out there. 

The scouting combine is measurables, numbers, stats and info. Sure, it’s great for the hardcore fans who will watch on NFL Network, but who is running to their TV for four nights in February to watch San Jose State’s running back run the 40? 

Maybe I’m biased. Maybe I’m being short-sighted. But sometimes, some things are better left untouched. 

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, NFL.

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