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The NBA draft process is a long and winding road. One of the best players in the country is Carsen Edwards, who led Purdue to an Elite Eight finish last season. Fresh off a workout with the Pacers, Carsen joins DD to break down his move to the NBA, his time in West Lafeyette, and who he models his game after.

On life after the 2019 NCAA Tournament: 

“People say it blew up. It kind of did. It was a lot more attention. But for me, nothing changed. I guess there were more people talking about me. Getting over the [Virginia&#93 loss took a little bit of time. For the most part, coming down from playing well like that didn’t take long.

On a typical day for Carsen Edwards:

“It’s actually not crazy, like working out all the time. It’s still recovering and taking care of your body. For the most part, it’s being in the gym at least two times a day. Morning it’s skill work and getting a lot of shots up, in the evening I’m sharpening things up. There is a lot to it.”

As the draft process continues, The Dan Dakich Show will keep you all up-tp-date with all the latest news surrounding Carsen Edwards and the rest of the prospects!

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