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Matt Taylor joins Jeff and Big Joe to discuss the progress the Colts are making and how committed Chris Ballard is to his Job. With the exceeded expectations of last year whats the next step to taking the next step?

On Chris Ballard being all in :

” Yeah, right now you gotta love the place the colts are in right now. You rewind this time last year and were singing a completley different tune. Andrew Luck still is not throwing yet, three new coordinators, first time head coach, all these rookies coming in, nobody knew how good or how not good the Colts were going to be last year. This year expectations are there. A lot of people have the Colts as a top ten team and a lot of publication where there a top five team. It’s a really good spot to be in if your the Colts.”

On how hard it’s going to be for Eric Ebron this season :

” Eric Ebron might have more catches but less touchdowns because of how he may and may not be used next season. I think that’s a good question mark going into the season. How will Paris Campbell, how will Devin Funchess and their presence effect Eric Ebron?  I think he will be used a little bit diffrently this season. I don’t think thats a bad thing because you have more weapons this season.” 

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