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Episode 141 of Kevin’s Corner officially launches us into the Colts summer vacation. Minicamp is over, and now there is just about 5 weeks until training camp begins at Grand Park, and the 2019 season really gets going. 

141 covers what Kevin learned from the rookies, the new additions like Devin Funchess, and the differences between 2018-2019 this spring. He also hits on the Kenny Moore contract extension, what it says about Chris Ballard as a general manager, takes a look at the Colts depth chart leading up to training camp, and finally answers your Twitter questions. 

On Kenny Moore’s contract extension:

“Honestly I think it tells a lot about Chris Ballard as a general manager. You look at the 3 extensions he has given over the last 12 days – Rigoberto Sanchez last week, Luke Rhoades this week, and then Kenny Moore – first off, all three of those guys were undrafted. Secondly, Chris Ballard didn’t sign any of those guys thinking they would be a starter…It’s the willingness to let your roster play itself out – not forcing any certain player down the throat of your coaching staff.”

What is going on with Andrew Luck missing the entire spring program?

“I thought Frank Reich was at least more candid in saying ‘alright, on the severity of a calf strain it’s a little bit closer to the “serious” end of it than we initially thought…But you know, you miss 4 weeks, 13 practices, it’s a little bit more serious than minor, but like I said, anything that’s even close to being iffy this time of year, you’re going to error on the side of caution.”

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