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PGA Tour Radio analysts Will Haskett joins The Fan Morning Show. Will talks about the impressive play of Gary Woodland and how he was able to continue making hard shots to get himself out of trouble and eventually win the US Open.

On Woodland Keeping up with the pressure: 

“A couple of the shots he hit Joe, I mean to go for it and really be nudged by his caddy on 14 to rip that three wood up the hill, and then get up down for the birdie. That’s very impressive and confident from Gary Woodland yesterday. That’s kind of what you need to have to win the Majors these days. It feels that there’s always that one guy who’s got the supreme confidence to go out there and do something.”

On Brooks Koepka:

“I think your right on, I think now we’ve gotten past the ohh he’s got a chip on his shoulder can he really do it?  To wow he’s going to be that guy who rises to the challenge. As long as injuries don’t get in the way he’s going to be that guy. He’s the alpha in the sport right now.”

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