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From The Athletic Richard Deitsch joins The Fan Morning Show. Richard talks about the different teams that Kawhi may take a look at going to and potentially staying with the Raptors. Richard later speaks on the fact that Kawhi will be loved in the City of Toronto no matter what decision he makes.

On what the past couple of weeks has been like for Toronto:

“It’s been transformational, you have to keep in mind that the Raptors is just not Toronto’s team, it’s the only NBA team in Canada. So, their fandom extends beyond what they call the greater Toronto area into other cities. Whether it’s Vancouver or Halifax.”

On if Kawhi leaves was it worth it:

“Absolutely, the very rare occurrence will happen if Kawhi Leonard leaves and goes to the Lakers or the Clippers. If he comes back he’ll get a standing ovation. I would not be surprised that if he’s here for a year one day at the end of his career, I don’t know if they would retire number two but they put something up in the raptures for his one year stay here. He will be beloved in this city forever.”

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