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Larra Overton joins The Fan Morning Show. Larra talks with the fellas about her new job that she just got, but she did not make the announcement yesterday while she was on the air with the fellas. Jeff and Big Joe get to the bottom of why they weren’t told, and what Larra Overton new job is about.

On giving up regular TV Gig:

“I will be full time with the Colts starting July 15, and then I will get straight into training camp mode. There is a component of the TV side with the preseason TV broadcast. Then also hosting the weekly show that the colts have that of course airs over on CBS 4 Fox 59.”

On doing Track and Field for ESPN:

“If the off season will allow, there is an opportunity to do that. The great thing is the bulk of track season is opposite of football. So, there are opportunities that I will likely be able to do that as long as the schedule allows and we aren’t committed to things with the organization.”

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