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Kevin is back with another Pacers podcast in-between the draft and free agency. He talks about what TJ Warren brings to the squad, why the Pacers drafted Goga Bitadze, how long Victor Oladipo will be out this season, other Kevin Pritchard updates, and answers your Twitter questions.

On TJ Warren Trade:

“You’re absorbing a contract with Warren, but he’s also a guy I think could potentially be in the starting lineup. I probably tend to think he’ll be your backup at the 3 or the 4, maybe the 4, especially if you re-sign Bogdanovic. But he can start at the 3 or the 4. There’s some pros and some cons with Warren. “

On drafting Goga Bitadze: 

“I think we have to divide this pick into two different areas. Let’s start with the player in Goga, and then let’s move onto the fit. Goga – I actually think there’s something there…I see skill. I see the use of the left hand on occasion. I really like his form with how he shoots the basketball…Kevin Pritchard is pretty adamant that when you break down the analytics, his numbers are comparable to Luka Doncic, and I know that’s extremely high praise, but I guess what I’m getting to is this – Goga is ready to play in the NBA.Is he ready to be an 82-game starter and average double figures? Maybe not, but he’s not a stash pick.”

Kevin has an even more in-depth breakdown of the Pacers draft night available now. 

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