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With Greg Rakestraw filling in for Jeff Rickard this morning, him and Big Joe invite Slick Leonard on the show to talk Indiana Pacers basketball as they dive deeper into the summer offseason.  He breaks down the players they acquired so far and where thinks they will fit in the rotation.

What are you opinions on Malcolm Brogdon after watching play in Milwaukee these past few years?

“Well I like him.  I was just talking to Danny and they like him.  I didn’t like our backcourt last year at all.  We are going to end up having a new backcourt.  I think that Malcolm Brogdon is a good player, he averaged 15.6 points.  Then you bring Jeremy Lamb who averaged 15.3.  So we are bringing some scoring in there.  We’re waiting on Victor Oladipo to come back but I am looking at the deals that we made and we might be a little bit surprised by Goga Bitadze.  Then we have T.J. Warren from Phoenix and he’s a scorer, he can score.  He averaged 18 a game.  I feel and talking to Danny Burke, I feel like we are going to be a little bit better.”

Do you think the Pacers will stick with Sabonis and Turner going forward or do you believe one of those guys could potentially be traded?

“Well I think that a lot depends on how Goga looks as a back-up player.  But if we put ourselves in position, where the right trade comes along it would be great.  It is not written in stone, let’s face it.  If something comes along, I guess I’m a little impartial but I’d like to have the kid from Brownsburg, Indiana that’s playing with the Celtics.”

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