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Mark Jayens joins The Fan Morning Show with Jeff and Big Joe. Mark talks about Robert Wickens and the accident he was in at Pocono. Robert talks about how fast Wickens is recovering and the possibility of him getting back behind the wheel very soon to continue racing. Mark Jayens also talks about what he has been surprised by, leading into the final two months of the year.

On Biggest Surprise he’s seen so far:

“Through the first quarter of the season the level of parity that we’ve had with all the individual winners and the different teams that were represented in the top five and the top six. The guys that took turns having dominate weekends.”

On Alexander Rossi:

“In team sports where your quarterback, quarterback coach, offensive coordinator, and head coach are all on the same page. That guy (Alexander Rossi) has got a good receiving core strong offensive line. When all those pieces come together that’s how you put an effort together like Alexander Rossi put together at Road America.”

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