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Joining the show to talk to DD about the Summer League and the incoming NBA rookies is college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg.  The two talk about what they have seen so far out of the NBA Summer League from guys that are fresh out of the college basketball world.  Greenberg talks what players have impressed him and which ones have dissapointed.  They also talk a little bit about Bob Knight buying a house in Bloomington.

Do you think R.J. Barrett really has the ability to play in the NBA?

“R.J. Barrett really rebounds his position.  I think that’s the best thing he does.  I really do.  His ability to rebound his position is really good.  I don’t really think he makes good decisions.  I just don’t think he knows how to play.  He doesn’t know how to come off screens, he can’t shoot it really.  I don’t think he has great lifts when he gets to the basket at the next level.  My scouting report on him on the radio stuff I did in the draft for him was that he gets to the line, but I don’t know if he gets to the line in the NBA.  I think he gets to the line in Summer League but let’s be honest, in Summer League you’re playing against a bunch of dudes that are not going to play anywhere but somewhere else.  To me, if you’re really good you should dominate Summer League.  You really should.  I think he has the chance to be a good player,  the Harden comparison are comical to me.  He doesn’t have the handles, he doesn’t have the footwork, he doesn’t have the range.  He can’t score going right.  Honestly to me, the biggest thing is his decision-making.  

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