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Dan Dakich is joined by Kenny Roda to discuss the city of Cleveland and the effect the MLB All-star week had on the city. He gives his take on all Cleveland sports including Indians’ pitcher Zach Plesac, NFL expectations for the Cleveland Browns, Browns’ head coach Freddy Kitchens, Hugh Jackson, and more. 

On how Cleveland showed in the national spotlight for the All-Star game and the effect it had on the city:

“Fantastic. Absolutely. Cleveland showed once again that it is one of the best sports towns in America. We can host anything and everything from a political reublican national convention, to an NBA championship game, to an All-star game in major league baseball and it is going to get the draft in a couple of years. Cleveland went above and beyond. The fans here are the best, the volunteers, the Indians Major League Baseball, mother nature even cooperated. I was there for the home run derby which was spectacular, I was there for the All-Star game. Shane Bieber, local guy, wins the MVP. Couldn’t have asked for a better script to be written for the All-Star week in Cleveland.”

On the NFL expectations in Cleveland for the Browns this season and if he thinks they will be a playoff team:

“Absolutely. I thought so back in December of last year. During the season last year after they fired Hugh Jackson. I am watching this team get better every day because of Baker Mayfield, Myles Garrett on the other side of the ball. Two key positions in football are what? The quarterback and the guy that goes to get the quarterback. The Browns spent number one overall picks on both of them and I think both are going to be pro-bowl players. So I am looking at this and I am looking at the Steelers struggling last year and the Ravens making the change to quarterback, I am not a believer in Jackson. Cincinnati, well they are just Cincinnati we don’t even have to talk about them. I predicted in December of last year that the Browns would win the division in 2019. On paper, they look the part. To me, from people I have talked to, they are going definitely going to contend for it. The biggest question mark with them may be their coach. Can Freddy Kitchens handle the job as the head coach of the Cleveland Browns? He has never been a head coach before and to me that is the biggest question mark for this team.”

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