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It is the 30 year anniversary of the film Major League and Corbin Bernsen, star in the movie, joins JMV to discuss the film, his famous quote, and more. 

On the relationships between him and his co-stars off the set: 

“Absolutely, (they had the same relationship off set). Charlie Sheen, early Charlie Sheen, being the pied piper, girls and parties and everything else just followed him. Between that and going to Major League One, Pete Vuckovich’s bar, we would all go hangout. But yeah, it was fun. I don’t mean to say we did stupid stuff because we were working, we were actors, but it was just like a big party going on, and on, and on. Because of the film it was like we were ball players having a lot of fun after the game as opposed to actors. It was like a ball team that was in town visiting and we would go hangout. It was more sane than one might imagine because we were working, you had to get up in the morning and you don’t just act, it was physical, but it was a lot of fun.”

On the film and learning everything they needed to:

“That is what the movie is about and that is why the movie makes people laugh. Each of us individually needed something in our lives that we couldn’t find alone. Working as a team, we found it, but working as a team, you realize that you have to do the work. Then you come together and can work as a team.”

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