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The question was asked on this week’s episode of Kevin’s Corner

“If you were storming Area 51 which Colts players are you taking with you, and why?”

This question gets asked any other time than the last dead week before training camp and it gets a laugh plus maybe a question of what Indianapolis watering hole you’ve already planted yourself in for the day. 

But this week it was a perfect question. 

So let’s break it down. 

  • ANDREW LUCK: The brains of the group. He’d probably be able to pull out some article of the Constitution to potential government workers granting us the right to go through the area. If the group is in need of building a home base or some sort of contraption to give you cover/attack the aliens, he’s your guy. Plus, you know he’s the most likely to somehow be able to communicate with alien lifeforms. 
  • DARIUS LEONARD: I mean, he’s called The Maniac. Don’t know about you, but I’ll take a guy like that on my team when going to battle any day both on the football field or in the desert of Nevada. Leonard’s long, lean build is kind of alien like combined with his speed and athleticism. He may be a prototype they’ve never seen before. The X-factor of the group. 
  • KENNY MOORE: He has the potential to be your secret weapon. Matt Eberflus sent him on plenty of blitzes late in 2018, and his speed and small stature could come in handy when trying to strike when and where 51 least expects it. 
  • QUENTON NELSON: Pretty simple here for Big Q. Brute strength. My ideal vision of this is him leading the pack like he’s pulling for Marlon Mack, and he just makes every last one of those aliens look like Barry Church

Seems like a pretty solid, well-rounded group. Can’t imagine Chris Ballard would be OK with his guys being out in Nevada in September putting their life on the line, but if there’s an owner in the NFL who would put his players up against anybody to do the job it’s Jim Irsay. 

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