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Colts training camp begins today and The Fan Morning Show is joined by Kevin Bowen to break down the team before the season is in full-swing. The 2019 NFL season opens today and fans will need to stay up to date on all news and analysis as it goes on. Today, they discuss player injuries, staying healthy, T.Y. Hilton, what to expect out of Jacoby Brissett, Andrew Luck’s back up, and more.

On what fans should expect out of Jacoby Brissett:

“First, I want to know what limited for Andrew Luck means and what easing him back into it means. Does that mean he doesn’t take a single rep in team practice for the first couple of days? Is it only individual drills? Is it a day on, a day off, two days on, two days off? Hopefully we will get more clarity on that today. But, I think it is very fair to call Jacoby Brissett’s spring average might be a compliment. It just seemed like he struggled based off what we are used to seeing in a practice setting. I think this is a very critical month coming up for him and his future. He hasn’t played football, if he doesn’t take a meaningful snap this regular season, it is going to be about two years since he really played meaningful football. So, can he show something in the pre-season for his own good to where there are teams that get a bit desperate next spring and want to hand him a contract that is significant, and that they promised him the ability to compete for an opening starting job. I think you want to see more consistency out of Jacoby Brissett this summer and I think getting on the same page as Devin Funchess is something that was missing in the spring and I think both guys are probably at fault for that. Depending on how many starting reps he gets, that is key and also just selfishly for the Colts and Chris Ballard, a good Jacoby Brissett and even a good Phillip Walker and Chad Kelly, it helps you evaluate your entire skill group and that is something that I thought was missing in years past. How can you really evaluate your fifth and sixth and seventh wide-out when these quarterbacks can’t even get them the ball and the offensive line can’t even hold up enough to get them the ball, especially in pre-season game settings. I think the overall depth has improved in that area and with how loaded you are at the wide-out position, hopefully that will sift out who makes those final spots at wide-out.”

On the one big take-away as they head into camp today:

“I thought Chris Ballard was very honest about how good he thinks this football team is and sometimes you hear people in those positions shy away from admitting that publically but I thought Chris Ballard was very honest and was basically like, ‘look high expectations are good people! Why are we shying away from them?’ Embrace those expectations. And I have been banging that drum for weeks because these are going to be the expectations for years to come if the Colts can back them up here in 2019. So, I think it was very honest and very refreshing and something that is well-served by Chris Ballard to admit that. From a position depth stand point, we have hyped up Deon Cain for about 12 months now and Chris Ballard was going nothing to stop that hype. He continued it yesterday with the comments about Deon Cain and how he has looked coming back earlier this week as some guys were working out. It might take awhile for Deon Cain to get fully integrated into team sessions and things like that as he comes back from that ACL injury…”

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