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The Fan Morning Show is joined by Stephen Holder of The Athletic to discuss more Colts! Training camp begins today and everyone is anxiously waiting to know what they should expect this season. Stephen Holder gives his take and a preview of the season. He discusses the leaders on the team, the high expectations for this season, training camp, Spencer Ware, the running back room, and more. 

On the leadership roles on the team:

“Well I think that the key there is that the work has already been done in terms of the leadership. They set that tone last season. They really did. You look at Andrew Luck, for example, and he is not one of the quote on quote young guys, but Andrew could not care less about what anyone thinks of him. I am not criticizing any other quarterback, but this guy doesn’t care about the public’s perception of him, he doesn’t care what is said about him, doesn’t care about where he is ranked, he doesn’t care about any of it. That is certainly a very unique type of leadership that has a trickle down effect. So if you are walking around the locker room talking about your Madden rating, what does Andrew Luck think about you? What does he say to that? I am not saying he is going to call a guy out for it because that is harmless. But, at the same time, if that is the type of talk that starts to consume the locker room, I think that will be frowned upon. I think that comes from the work and leadership that has been set a long time ago. Frank Reich is a big part of that too. I mean, have you ever met a more humble head coach? A guy that is a more humble leader? I think that matters…”

On the group of tight ends that the Colts have:

“Well, they are definitely winning the contest for getting off the bus. I mean, to be honest, when I am rolling up to the stadium, I am having number 56 get off the bus first…That was a real thing back in high school. You would look at the locker room and say, ‘ohhhhhh boy.’ I would say for the tight end group, well first, Mo Alie-Cox, this guy is the sleeping giant, and I mean giant literally. He has hands the size of Shrek. He is not a normal human being. Let’s start with that. Listen though, this group there was clearly an emphasis here. I think something I will say about the way they are building this team is that there are no secrets. It is very obvious on what they are going for and this year, one of the emphasis was to get some size and to really cash in down in the red-zone. Look at the Jacksonville game on the road last year. How many times did they have the opportunity to cash in and were unable to? That cannot happen. Well, it should not happen as much this year. In addition to Ebron, who was obviously the first option down there last season, now that’s not the case. First, Jack Doyle is back and he can run the fade as well as anybody. Even if you’re not good with that option, you have Devin Funchess…”

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