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The Fan Morning Show is joined by Larra Overton to discuss Colts training camp opening today, and documenting arrival day, what she has learned being on the inside, and more. 

On arrival day:

“Quenton Nelson making the statement with the sweet handle bar mustache and looking jacked. His entrance was great. Not necessarily anyone brining in anything crazy. Eric Ebron went full Stranger Things which was awesome. A lot of guys bringing in their individual style. A couple of guys riding in on their bikes that is kind of the signature style from last season, riding the bikes back and forth from the hotel to the event center kind of where the operations are. Not really any bizarre things like we used to see when guys would have big training camp debuts. Didn’t really see any of that but I kind of liked that it was a little bit understated. We got to see different guys kind of personalities coming out in their style and how they arrived. But, it was an understated arrival. There were no big displays.”

On what she has learned being on the inside:

“It’s only been a week and a half but we are really just getting into that. I spent last week doing a lot of work on this behind the camp series. Not only are you going to hear from Frank Reich and Chris Ballard, we had a fantastic sit down with Frank the other day that you will see that in episode one, Chris is in there as well, but you are going to get to see a lot of the unsung heroes of the organization. Guys like the equipment team and what they do and what their role is, the video ops, the athletic training staff and how integral all these different aspects are into making this team function. That is really one of the things that I have learned. That was before the players were back but now they are back we are really going to see a little bit more. Yesterday was the first opportunity I had to see many of the players and for them to see me in a different role and trying to get the hang of all this, which is very cool. It has been awesome. But really for me the most enlightening aspect so far has been learning the more operational roles, the behind the scenes, the staff, and trying to give fans a new perspective on players and coaches, but also on everything else, all of these people that are as much a part of this team and what it takes to get them to that point. Not only equipping them, but making sure they are healthy.” 

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