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The smartest man in the NFL – not named Bill Bilichick – joins Double D for a look around the league and in the Colts own backyard. First up, Cosell takes a look at the Antonio Brown situation.


“Hey Boss, what do you make of this whole Antonio Brown thing?”

“(laughter)…I kind of like what Mike Mayock said yesterday…at some point you either got to play or not play…your guys have to be there and want to play.”


“How long does a guy like Andrew Luck need to get back to playing form in training camp…?”

“…probably quarterback, I think you probably want to feel as a coach that you could get a guy out there and get some snaps and get comfortable…I don’t think they need a ton of time…but I think you’d like them to get some snaps. The whole Luck thing – the way it’s being reported – no one seems to know what the issue is.


“Give me you thoughts on Devin Funchess…”

“…I actually thought he was more of a tight end prospect than a wide receiver prospect, and quite honestly I felt like they found that out in Carolina…you can probably use him on crossing type routes, shallow crossers where his big body is a factor…there’s not a lot of quickness or twitch to his movement. So he’s a specific type of player. There’s always a place for big receivers in today’s NFL.”


“…Justin Houston comes over, give me a synopsis on him”

“Oh he’s a really good pass rusher – really good pass rusher…one of the best in the league when healthy. I think that’s a really good pick-up for this team…assuming health he’ll be a big big factor…”


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