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Paul Biancardi discusses how Purdue, IU & Butler look for their 2020 classes – giving Purdue the edge so far. Also, Biancardi takes a look at the top rated high school player in the country – a sophomore. 


“Purdue and Indiana got anybody any good?”  

“They do. They got different guys. I like what Purdue’s bringing in right now. They’ve got Jaden Ivey, he’s a guy we just put in the ESPN 100 Dan…(we) like him a lot. He’s a prospect more than a player right now, but the type of guy the more you watch the more you like him…he’s got really good positional size and he can score the ball and he’s a good enough athlete. One of those guys that Matt Painter did a great job of evaluating before he got really good…got the commitment…and a guy that I see that could be an All Big Ten player by the time he’s a junior…and Ethan Morton’s a good player…Morton and Ivey, they bring that versatility to that small forward-shooting guard spot…two top 100 guys, so you know they have talent and you know that Matt’s going to get the most out of them.” 


“What about the two kids committed to Indiana…?”  

“Both really good players. Now, everybody needs to understand…that you don’t have to be ranked to be good. But when you’re ranked there’s something good about you…there’s that group between 101 and 200 – those are really good players, as we both know…you also got those guys that were not ranked at IU, but Coach Knight and yourself made those guys better over a 3-4 year period. So, that’s what Indiana’s got right now with Galloway and Leal. Leal’s a tough kid. I mean he’s a shot maker. He’s the type of kid, Anthony Leal that makes momentum changing plays.”


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