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Former Chicago Bears great and Super Bowl Champion Tom Thayer takes a look at the Colts-Bears preseason match-up. Plus, how do the Bears look going into the 2019 season? The WBBM color analyst lets you know in this 1-on-1 with Double D.


What will Indianapolis fans see out of this scaled-down, I guess, Bears team?” 

“Ya know, they’re continuously researching for the development of back-up talent here. Because if you didn’t want to throw starters out for both teams, I think both lineups are pretty well set…when you’re looking at the value you need out of that third tackle. The value you need to get out of the back-up nickel corner. The value you need to find in a third cornerback or back-up interior linebackers…there are so many important decisions that have yet to be made in terms of those roles. It is important for these guys to get extended playing time.” 


“What’s this year’s team with the Bears, what’s their personality?”  

“Oh…lively…that’s the great thing about Coach Nagy. You know Matt nagy is a lot different than Mike Ditka. Because Mike Ditka was as big a part of the personality of the team as anybody on that team…nowadays when you look at the Bears and they go into the lockeroom after they win and they have a thing that’s called Club Dub – where they have a full disco system set up in there with the lights blaring and music playing and everybody dancing…it’s something that Matt Nagy allows these guys to enjoy. He knows how hard it is to win games…so when they do win games, that’s part of the atmosphere…” 

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