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Former Head Coach and current Titans Radio Analyst Dave McGinnis joined JMV to discuss Dave’s time as a coach at Indiana State, how the preseason is treated differently compared to when he was a Head Coach in the NFL, why the Titans still believe in Marcus Mariota and the impact new Coach Mike Vrabel has had on the culture in Tennessee. 


Dave McGinnis on the Titans faith in Marcus Mariota:

“We believe in Marcus Mariota here, the biggest thing he has to do is find a way to stay healthy, health is paramount and Marcus is exactly what you would want as a leader as far as work ethic and skillset he just has to stay healthy which has been an issue for him. He’s got a chance this year to play himself into any kind of contractual situation he wants this year and really as a professional athlete, all the ones I’ve been around, all the years I’ve done this, all players want is a chance to show what they can do but the belief in Marcus Mariota is very high.”

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