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Childhood friend of Double D & former MLB pitcher Dan Plesac talks about his nephew – Cleveland Indians pitcher Zach Plesac. Also, Plesac weighs in on the Cubs chances to win the Central Division & whether they will make a run for the World Series.


“You played as long as anybody in the history of baseball,  what do you think about modern-day baseball?”  

“It’s a different game Dan. We’re appealing to a different market…I’m not sure Dan if it’s for the better, but it’s changing and I think that metrics are not just part of baseball, it’s in basketball, it’s in football and I think we’ve out-smarted a lot of the game and we’ve figured out how to do it. But I think what we’re doing Dan, we’re building a lot of robotic players – we’re building a lot of robotic baseball players…”


…I think you told me maybe they rushed him (nephew & pitcher Zach Plesac of the Cleveland Indians) up because they knew he was tough enough to hang…?”

“…you know what he (Cleveland Indians Manager Terry Francona) said to me? He goes, ‘we rush kids, but so do the 29 other teams’…Dan, it’s a different thought process in baseball right now. It used to be you wanted to get a guy 400 innings in the minor leagues, 750 at bats…now, the industry looks at ’em like why do we want to waste 200 of those 400 innings – let’s get him up here and see what he can do…”


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