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Host of Indiana Sports Talk Bob Lovell joined JMV to discuss the start of the HS football season, going through who the contenders are and a great conversation about the state of High School officiating and why its threatened by the rise in unruly fans in the stands.


Bob Lovell on High School Referees:

“They are not at it yet but the IHSAA is on the verge of having to really think about how they staff their tournaments. In other words, they may not have in the not so distant future, 5-10 years, maybe even quicker that they will not have enough licensed officials to do all the games that you need to have on round 1 of the Sectional. The IHSAA is already looking at alternative plans, do you start on Thursday, do some games on Friday, and do some games on Saturday? That’s how crucial it is because they anticipate that this can be a real problem and I’m not so sure how you turn it around because every official will tell you that they don’t get enough money to take the abuse heaped upon them by the adults in the stands.”

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