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INDIANAPOLIS – Some more details have emerged from Andrew Luck’s shocking retirement.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter broke the Luck news late on Saturday night.

On Monday morning, Schefter released a podcast providing a few more details on the Luck story.

-We know that Andrew Luck told Jacoby Brissett on Friday, of the retirement. But it sounds like a few more teammates knew. “Andrew Luck was telling select people,” Schefter said. “Like he told Jacoby Brissett, that he was retiring and walking away from the game. There weren’t many players at all who did know, but there were a select view. And there were plenty who didn’t.” So for those caring about a possible ‘leak’, it could have happened from different spots.

-It was pretty amazing to hear Schefter recount some of the texts he received from GMs around the league on Saturday: “I don’t think I’ve ever had a reaction that that story generated to where literally my phone buzzed 25 times instantaneously and nobody believed the story,” Schefter said. “I had one general manager text me, ‘Liar.’ Another one, ‘Is this made up?’ Another one, ‘Is this a fake Adam Schefter account.’”

-Schefter said that the Colts were first debating a Friday OR a Sunday press conference to announce the Luck news. “Later in the week, the Colts had a decision: whether to have Andrew Luck’s retirement press conference on Friday afternoon or to wait until they got through their preseason game, before they would hold their press conference on 3:00 PM ET, Sunday, August 25th,” Schefter said. “The Colts made the decision to hold the press conference Sunday, knowing full well that word could leak out, eventually and that somebody could wind up reporting that Andrew Luck was retiring and that is exactly what happened.”


Along with Schefter, King added some more information in his Football Morning In America article that he posted early on Monday morning:


-King shared this Matt Hasselbeck anecdote: Matt Hasselbeck, told me Sunday, “I thought Adam Schefter got hacked. I was sitting there watching the college game Saturday night and saw it. It stopped me in my tracks. Stunned. I was in Indy on Friday, and I got no sense of this.”


-King caught up with Frank Reich on Sunday: Reich told me Luck’s latest injury, to his left calf, was “like child’s play” compared to his return after all his shoulder issues. But in the days after Luck talked to me in training camp, he felt more pain in rehab. Further examination revealed a more extensive and slightly mysterious injury stretching from the calf to his ankle. There would be no quick fix. More rehab, and a good chance he’d either have to play hobbled, and in significant pain, if he played at the start of the season. Which led Luck to Irsay’s office last Monday. The meeting last a little more than two hours. Ballard and Reich soon realized this was not I think I’m going to retire. This was, It’s over.


-Like was thought, possible alternatives to retiring were discussed by all parties: There was a time in Monday’s meeting when options were suggested. One of them: Take his time healing the right way without hurrying, and go on IR with a return designation, meaning he could return for the last two months of the season if he got healthy. That seemed to make the most sense—he’d have nine weeks from now to see if the calf/ankle could be fixed, and the Colts would have been more than happy to take the risk of paying $21.25 million for Luck to try to play in 2019, with backup Jacoby Brissett taking some or all the snaps this season. But whatever alternatives got suggested, Luck, one of the smartest players in any sport, seemed immovable. “My mind’s made up,” he said.

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