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Stephen Holder joins The Fan Morning Show with Jeff and Big Joe to discuss the Luck retirement. Holder talks about the circumstances and how he understands why Colts’ fans are broken up about the situation. Holder describes the fact that he and every Colts’ fan was very excited that the Colts were expected to be in the mix this year. Holder goes into the fact that success comes and goes but this decision is more about a human being. Holder gives his sentiment that Luck is one of the most unique human beings he has covered.

“The morning after. What do we think? What do we know? Where are we at?”

“It’s been for me quite the same as everyone else. It is incredibly sad. Not sad because Andrew Luck is walking away. I’m happy that he is getting to do this and make his own decision. The circumstances are sad, I guess is what I am saying. Look, a lot of fans are broken up about it because of the team’s hopes this year and I get that. I was among those people. I was very excited to cover a team that I hoped would be relevant and very much in the mix in the NFL this year but it is more than that. Success rises and falls. This is really about a human being. I’m sad it had to come to this. I really like Andrew Luck. I’ve done this for twenty years plus and he is, I would say, possibly the most unique human being I have ever covered in sports. That is saying a lot. I have covered everything from junior tennis to NHL hockey and this guy is in a class of his own.”

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