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Gregg Doyel joins the show to share his sentiment about Andrew Luck. Doyel goes into the fact that over anything he just cares about Luck’s well being and the fact that every Colts’ fan, including himself, has had a hard time processing the decision. Doyel also goes into how special of a guy Luck is and that everyone should hope he is okay, and hopefully he will be okay after making this move. Doyel also goes into the fact that this decision is a gamble and that he hopes it is the right one for him.

“What are you thinking? Where are we at?”

“When traumatic things happen people say that they’re not sure that it has hit them yet or even when great things happen. I’m still not sure this has hit me yet. I’ve been, you know we are all unique creatures, my job is to write about this and I’ve written three stories in the last twenty four hours about this. I don’t think I have even processed this yet. All I think about right now is that I want Andrew to be okay. He’s a special guy. I hope he is okay and I think making this move will make him okay. Here was a guy who is saying I want an okay. The only way he sees out is to do what he just did and I hope he is right. This is a gamble. He can always come back and play in a year but I hope this works for him. When you think as much as he thinks and your brain is as powerful as his is powerful your brain goes all over the place and I hope this is right for him.”

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