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Joel Corry joins the show to discuss the money side of Andrew Luck leaving the Colts. Joel first goes into the fact that he is shocked by the decision. Joel then begins to discuss the fact that the Colts, as of right now, are not taking any money away from Andrew Luck and as a team how they are looking financially.

“What does this do to their salary cap? Where do they go? Does it penalize them? What is next?”

“They were already sitting on basically forty six and a half million in cap room beforehand. They have unused cap room. Now they are going to have eighteen six of dead money. They aren’t going to have to pay the nine point one two five million base salary so they are going to be right at fifty five and a half million of unused cap room. That is going to go down somewhere between two to five million because that always happens when the ship occurs right after the cut down to fifty one counting. Including everyone that is on the practice squad, injured reserve, and so forth. Next year it is even better. There were roughly one hundred and thirty seven million worth of cap commitments beforehand. Now you are only going to have a six point four million dollar cap hit for Andrew Luck of dead money which is going to have a twenty eight point for million dollar cap number. So that changes things dramatically. Now there is about one hundred and fifteen point five million cap commitments which will be the least amount in the league. This team is looking at about one hundred and thirty five to one hundred and forty million in cap room.”

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