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FOX59/CBS4’s Mike Chappell discusses player reaction to Andrew Luck’s retirement. Also, did Luck and/or the Colts lie about his injuries – and when did they know he would retire?


“What did you think of this whole Luck thing…Luck’s retirement?” 

“I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t shocked. Normally when there’s something like that brewing you hear whispers…now we knew that things weren’t going well…I still thought he was going to start the opener. The fact that he wasn’t practicing…I thought he was going to play…all the signs were said he wasn’t ready…and it was ovious he was still having pain and all this…when I step back and look at this…this is such an abberation…he’s probably one of a handful of people in a position to do this.”


“Why is it so hard for people to just simply say this guys quit on his teammates?”

“No he did. He did. He quit on his teammates…I don’t like the word quit because of the connotation…but he did…if you get some of his teammates ya know in a bar one night and if it’s off the record… Darius Leonard sort of said that early yesterday, where he said yeah, he said I was angry or upset or whatever it was…deep down some of these players have got to be angry…”

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