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Former Colt great Barry Krauss discusses his initial and delayed reactions to Andrew Luck’s retirement, Jacoby Brissett taking over the helm & his favorite side of the ball – defense.


” You came out after Luck pretty good…what are your thoughts now after thinking about it maybe a few days?”

“well, ya know, the knee-jerk reaction I think for everybody was I can’t believe this is happening…also, the timing of it and everything else…the more I thought about it the more…I understand where the fans are coming from…”


“How good is Jacoby Brissett?”

“…just like you said earlier, I think we have to see what he’s got…this is the second year he’s been in the system…he’s a smart kid and like you said he’s not really a running quarterback…he’s got some wheels…I think he’s a very intelligent guy…the New England Patriots wouldn’t have drafted him if they really didn’t think that he had an upside…”


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