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Friend of the show Pat McAfee talks to Dan Dakich about moving on from the Andrew Luck saga, Jacoby Brissett taking the helm, Indiana sports gambling & his debut as a color analyst on ESPN Thursday Night College Football. Is it time to quit talking about Andrew Luck? Double D has an answer for his friend!


Your thoughts, Andrew Luck saying Adios?”

“…I think the timing was so incredibly unfortunate…I’ve talked about how when the crowd that was still at a preseason game in the 4th quarter, who are probably the Indianapolis Colts diehard of diehard fans – which is what make s the NFL great – had a reaction of an emotional booing…I think it was a regrettable decision that was intended for the entire situation – not just for Luck – I think it made our fanbase look bad. I think a lot people were talking crap on our city. I don’t think that was great. I think it was regrettable…but, with that being said, YOU, I feel like have just completely basked in this hate here (laughter)…you dumped a massive amount of hate in a bath tub…and you just jumped your ass right in there…ya know what, I don’t think it’s exactly what you said ya know? It’s how you said it.” 


“Oh stop it Mom!”

“(laughter)…I follow you on Twitter…I love following you on Twitter…I enjoy ‘The Dakich’…I enjoy the Dan Dakich…and I saw this happening…and this morning when I woke up…the first thing I was looking forward to was your Twitter – just to find out if you’re past it or not (laughter)…if we’re done with it…”


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