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Yes. This is real. 

Tony Dungy, the legendary Super Bowl winning former head coach of the INDIANAPOLIS COLTS, made the argument that Chris Ballard should look into signing the man that stopped so many of Dungy’s teams from reaching the promise land. 

Yes, he said they should look into signing Tom Brady

The former coach made the claim on Tuesday during his appearance on The Rich Eisen Show

“As crazy as it sounds, but the best spot might be Indianapolis,” Dungy said laughing. “Believe it or not, I know they’ve been bitter rivals, but they’ve got good young receivers, a lot of speed, a great young running back, a tremendous offensive line…Now, whether he would consider that I don’t know, but that would be a spot like that that I would look for if I were him.”

Mr. Dungy, there’s no way you forget what Brady has done to this city, correct? He said it so casually and with so much humor. This is the house that Manning built. Tom Brady can’t be on the side of that building for a year or two. 

Rich Eisen had nearly the same reaction. TB12 driving by the Peyton statue to head into the Lucas Oil tunnel. I’m shivering. 

“You know Jim Irsay, so do you think that he and Chris Ballard and Frank Reich might actually put their heads together and say this is feasible, let’s see if new league year hits, and he’s available let’s go for it?”

He perfectly laid it up for Dungy to be able to backtrack and say, “You know, on paper it may make sense, but I can’t really ever see them doing that realistically.” 


In fact, the exact opposite of that happened. 

“I tell you what if I was sitting there with the team I have right now, and Tom said he was interested I would definitely. I would try to make it happen.” 

Oh boy. 

I hope you and the people you are reading this to are sitting down. This is too much to grasp on a Wednesday in January. 

Luckily for you (all of us), Kevin Bowen whole-heartedly disagreed (respectfully) with Coach Dungy on Wednesday morning’s Fan Morning Show. 

“I can’t go there. Does Tom Brady coming here turn a 7-9 football team into a 13-3 and a guaranteed Super Bowl caliber team with a run? No! Tom Brady is not that anymore, and he doesn’t achieve the biggest goal for this football team which is sustained success,” Bowen said.” 

“Tom Brady could play for one more year. Then you have the same problem you currently have. Let’s say for some reason Brady comes here, and he’s a bit of an upgrade. Now instead of drafting 13, you’re drafting 22. That totally changes what you can do draft wise so I don’t know where you (Big Joe) stand on it, but I am not on any sort of Brady, Rivers, Eli Manning, insert your washed-up quarterback here.” 

It doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. It really doesn’t. Especially for Chris Ballard. 

I mean, the last three offseasons everyone has gone into February/March with “Oh THIS is the offseason we’re going to make some big splash moves,” and every offseason it doesn’t really happen. 

And like Kevin said, Chris Ballard preaches “sustained success”. Nothing about the almost 43-year-old Tom Brady who just lost in the Wild Card round says “sustained success” for the future of this franchise. 

But nonetheless, let the offseason “hot stove” time begin. 

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