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Dan was back in studio on Wednesday and had a big announcement right off the top of the show. 

He’s here to stay at The Fan for at least a few more years. 

The midday host signed an extension to stay on the air at The Fan on Wednesday morning. 

“I just signed an extension here at Emmis. We’ll be on the air for a few more years at least,” Dakich announced. “I’m very excited about that, and I want to thank Bob Richards, Jeff Smulyan, and all the good folks here at Emmis, and all the folks that are out there listening to us for the last 11 years. We’re going to be doing it for at least a few more, and I’m very excited about that. So thanks to everybody.”

Dan then went on to thank his loyal listeners. 

“Mostly thanks to you guys that have listened. Whether you’ve agreed with me, disagreed, whether you think I’m an ass, whether you think I’m a good guy, that’s up to you. But I just appreciate you listening, and we try to do our best everyday to bring it to you.”

Tuesday brought some sad news to the world of local sports radio as Query & Schultz had their final show after layoffs were made by iHeart Media. Dan expressed his sorrow for their show going off the air after making his announcement. 

“I’m sad at what happened to Query & Schultz. I really am. I just feel like they did a really good job, and they were basically victims of something that was out of their control. They seem like good guys…it’s sad that they lost their job, it really is, and I’m sure they’ll be fine wherever they go.”

As for what’s to come on his show after the news of his extension? Well, more and more of the truth. 

“We’re very excited. I’m not gonna stop. We’re going to keep trying to tell you all the truth, we’re going to keep trying to talk more than basketball, we’re going to keep telling you what’s real.”

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