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The Indiana Hoosiers lost on the road to Rutgers last night while only putting up 50 points. 

That’s…not great. 

Indiana has lost three of it’s last five games, and are continuing to struggle putting up points on a consistent basis. 

Dan Dakich joined The Fan Morning Show today to talk about their recent shooting woes. 

“Archie Miller apparently thinks it’s BS that his team can’t shoot. His team keeps proving him wrong every night because they can’t make nothin’,” Dakich told Jeff & Big Joe on Thursday morning.

“They play hard, they’re trying to guard, I mean hell they held a team under 60 points on their own home court. So they’re guarding, and if they keep doing that they’re going to have a good year, but man ya gotta make shots.”

Archie Miller’s squad went 19-60 from the field to shoot a whopping 31{e5a2c78333cd2b046c434d71e2429f0c16f5e72c19badef2b307d6f8033092f8} on the night in Jersey. Their 3-point percentage was even worse. They chucked up 19 threes on the night and only made two of their attempts for a grand total of 10.5{e5a2c78333cd2b046c434d71e2429f0c16f5e72c19badef2b307d6f8033092f8} from beyond the arc. 

JMV could post up in the corner and hit at a higher rate than that. 

“When you don’t make your first three until about 5 minutes to go, quite frankly you’re lucky to still be in the game. They gotta get that figured out. If they don’t get that figured out, they’re going to lose some games at home that they’re not supposed to lose, and that’s not great. I think they’re playing hard at Indiana. I think they’re a much better team to watch this year than they were last year, but ya gotta make shots, man.”

An oddity from Wednesday night’s loss at Rutgers was the lack of playing time for freshmen phenom Trayce Jackson-Davis in the second half. He only played 19 minutes on the night. Why? 

“I was curious about that because frankly, like the way I watch basketball is the guys – Venturi always calls the ‘ambien’ players, right? The guys that give the other team a headache, the best guy on your team. You can criticize Bob Knight and Gene Keady, but the one thing they always did was put their best guys in the best spots for the longest time. And I don’t know, he’s the best guy. To me, when he gets the ball on the block or mid-post, he’s the guy that puts the most pressure on the defense,’ Dakich said of the true freshmen. 

Indiana is now 13-3 overall and 3-3 in conference play. They continue Big Ten action on Saturday when they travel to Nebraska before having five days off to rest up for a huge home contest against Tom Izzo’s Michigan State Spartans. 

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