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Indianapolis Colts tight end Jack Doyle gave Jeff & Big Joe a call from Orlando on Thursday where he is preparing for this weekend’s Pro Bowl. 

He’s being joined by fellow teammates Ryan Kelly, Quenton Nelson, and Darius Leonard

The Fan Morning Show talked with him about being at Disney World, the upcoming Super Bowl, frustrations from 2019, and even asked about his relationship with Andrew Luck. 

As for 2019, one thing Doyle has grown to notice through last year is the kind of coach Frank Reich is. 

“One thing I’ve learned about Frank right away that I truly respect is the way he trusts every guy on the roster” Doyle told Jeff & Big Joe.

“If he brings a guy in, he brings them in for a reason. He instills trust in that guy and believes in that guy, and gives them opportunity to make plays…That’s the mark of a great coach in my mind. He’s just fun to play for.”

One of the reasons it was believed that Jacoby Brissett would be just fine for the Colts is because of Frank Reich’s ability to do just that. I mean, he did play a huge part in Nick Foles leading the Eagles to a Super Bowl title. 

Jacoby will grow and be fine in Frank Reich’s system. Right? 

When asked about Brissett’s progression as a quarterback, Doyle seemed to agree. 

“I think he can be a starter in this league, a top-15 starter in this league. He has all the qualities, and he showed it. He had that injury in Pittsburgh and that kind of set him back a little bit. Football is up and down for all of us at different times, and at the quarterback position you get a little too much credit at times, and you definitely get too much blame when things aren’t going well for the team or the offense. You just gotta work through that and keep working. That’s what Jacoby’s going to do. I know that. He’s a good friend of mine obviously, and he’s a worker. All he cares about is ball, and he wants to be great.”


Top-15? Couldn’t go top-10, huh? 

No matter what you think of Jacoby Brissett in 2019, you have to give him credit for stepping right in and having the Colts in a good position for the first half of the season given Andrew Luck retiring two weeks before the start of the regular season. Doyle made it a point to point that out. 

“Excited for him to have another offseason to clear his mind because what he had to do was not easy. I don’t know if he gets enough credit for that – what was kind of thrown on his shoulders there at the beginning of the year. How he handled all that was honestly incredible.

Yeah, there was a big elephant on the air there. You remember? That big thing that wasn’t great that happened at the beginning of last year? 

Once that was brought up, Jeff asked whether or not Doyle keeps in touch with Andrew Luck at all now that he’s away from the game. 

“Yeah I still keep in contact with him. He’s doing well.”

The quarterback talk is just revving up and it’s only January 23. Buckle up!

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