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Chris Ballard made another move to snag a weapon for what was supposed to be an offense led by Andrew Luck in 2019. 

We all know how that worked out now, but still heading into September of last year, free agent signee Devin Funchess was supposed to play a figurative and literal big role in the Colts offense. 

That also ended after Funchess broke his collarbone in the Colts Week 1 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. The 26-year-old wideout had surgery and missed the rest of the year. 

Three quarters of football is all we got to see from him in 2019. Would Chris Ballard let that lost year be a wash and try to bring him back? 

Kevin Bowen answered that today on The Fan Morning Show

“I think there’s a possibility Devin Funchess comes back. And I think if it was up to the Colts, honestly, he probably would come back,” Bowen told Big Joe.

“Now, they’re going to evaluate things in free agency, and obviously if you can hit a home run with Amari Cooper, why wouldn’t you hit a home run there? That would take away a lot of the money you would give to a guy like Funchess, but does a shattered collar bone and kind of a freakish play really all of a sudden define his contract year when Frank Reich really wanted him, loves the big body to compliment T.Y. Hilton and even Parris Campbell and other pieces you have in that wideout room?”

Even with that being said, it’s important to remember that free agency is just that for the player – free. Sure, Chris Ballard and Frank Reich may want another shot to hopefully see how a healthy Devin Funchess performs for their offense, but that doesn’t mean Funchess feels the same. 

And if he doesn’t, he won’t be back.

One of the reasons other than money that Funchess wouldn’t be back is the lack of Andrew Luck and the receiver’s relationship with the Colts current quarterback, Jacoby Brissett

“I would say him and Jacoby Brissett…to say that they weren’t on the same page would probably be very accurate, and honestly might be underselling it a little bit. I thought even in training camp the two weren’t on the same page. So that’s where I get into it is a two-way street. Devin Funchess has gotta make sure that he’s comfortable here,” Bowen told The Fan Morning Show.

Now, could the Colts have another quarterback in the building that may help change not only Funchess’ mind potentially but also other receivers looking to make Indy their new home?

It’s very possible. Especially with the Colts holding the 13th pick in the draft. That pick has been tied heavily to Utah State quarterback Jordan Love

“The Colts like Jordan Love. Sometimes we don’t have that concrete information about draft prospects, but we do know that. Now it’s just how much do you like him, how much do other teams like him, and how do you view your current quarterback situation.”

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