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The ongoing debate of what the Colts will do at quarterback continued yesterday on The Ride with JMV

Bob Kravitz of The Athletic stopped by to give his thoughts on the situation plus talk about Chris Ballard’s seat as GM and more. 

The annual NFL Combine is three weeks away while the draft is a little over two months away. We’ll find out soon enough, but Kravitz gave JMV his opinion of what we’ll see play out at quarterback in Indy. 

“I really think they’re going to draft their quarterback of the future this year, and go with Jacoby. Jacoby’s got one year left on his contract. And let Jacoby kind of be the bridge to the next guy. I don’t see them eating Brissett money and going out and getting a Philip Rivers or whoever it might be,” Kravitz told JMV.

Speaking of Rivers, the rumors have been flying since before last weekend’s Super Bowl in Miami of veteran quarterbacks making their way to the Colts. 

Pat McAfee has talked about it being Teddy Bridgewater, Dan Patrick has talked about it being Rivers, heck even Tony Dungy has talked about it being TOM BRADY

But none of those really do much for Kravitz. 

“If Matt Stafford falls off a tree then yeah I’d think about it. The old guys don’t really inspire me. If you want a good guy and a good leader and a competitive quarterback, I’d stay with Jacoby for one more year and let the new guy learn how to do it.

It definitely makes sense with Jacoby having the one year left on his extension from before last season. Plays out perfectly in an ideal world that the future guy would be able to take over for sure after next season. 

Does that mean that the Colts will be ready to mortage their future on a guy at 13 or sooner? 

“I think if the guy they like is there then absolutely whether that’s Love or Herbert,” Kravitz said.

“I don’t know off the top of my head who is the better quarterback. Certainly Herbert has played against better competition, but I would have zero problem – I would probably applaud them – going out and either staying at 13 and drafting a quarterback, or using some of their draft capital and moving up to really get the guy they want.”

JMV then questioned how we continue to judge and evaluate the job that Chris Ballard is doing given all the outside circumstances that have thrown a wrench in things. 

“One thing is for sure – he better start being aggressive and spending money, or this fanbase might turn on him. “ne thing they have got to do – they’ve got like $90 million dollars they can spend. They’ve got more money than anyone else in the NFL and look if they want to be fiscally responsible then the fans are going to start being fiscally responsible and not going to games.”

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