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Tonight on Beyond the Bricks, Jake and Mike talk about the history of the legendary Donald Davidson. Mike and Jake both talk about their connections with Donald, and the legacy he left on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Donald talks about how he got into racing, and his first experiences listening to the Indy 500 on radio. 

In the second half of the show, Jake and Mike talk about Donald’s first time at Indianapolis. We hear audio of Donald talking about his first couple of days at the track, how he got to Indianapolis, and where he lived early on. We hear audio from Donald’s first appearence on the IMS Radio Network as a guest in 1964, his thoughts on the the 1964 race, and hear about his concerns after that first race, thinking that racing may be outlawed due to the fatal crash involving Eddie Sachs and Dave MacDonald. 

In the final segment of the show, Jake and Mike talk about Donald’s first time working for the IMS Radio Network in 1965. They also talk about some of his others places of employment over the years, including USAC, and TelX. Donald talks about pursuing your dreams, and Jake and Mike round out the show talking about working with Donald. 

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