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INDIANAPOLIS For just the second time in the last decade, the Colts spent 4 of their first 5 picks on the offensive side of the ball.

The Colts ended up taking just 4 offensive players in 2024 with some direct support coming for Anthony Richardson.

Here’s a capsule look at the Colts four picks on offense in 2024:

Round 2, Pick 52: Texas Wide Receiver Adonai Mitchell (6-2, 205)

-2023 Stats: 14 games played (13 starts). Caught 55 balls for 845 yards (15.4 yards per catch) and led the Big-12 with 11 touchdowns.

-Career Stats: 35 games played (28 starts). Caught 93 balls for 1,405 yards for 18 touchdowns.

-Interesting Fact: Mitchell spent his first two seasons at Georgia before transferring back to Texas to be closer to his daughter.

-Chris Ballard’s Thoughts: “I think he can kind of do it all. He’s got work to do, but he is really skilled. He’s a really skilled athlete. Like any wideout that comes in this league, it’s an adjustment period because the coverage is tighter. You have to be better and more detailed on your route running. There’s not a lot he can’t do athletically. We’ll see how he comes along.”

-Outlook: An uber-testing athlete, Mitchell brings some oozing potential to the Colts. Falling to the back half of the second round came from questions about Mitchell’s consistency and if he can reach that higher level. That’s where position coach Reggie Wayne will come in for that objective. Mitchell had a nice final season at Texas. His resume included some big-time catches in some big-time moments with touchdowns at Georgia in 4 separate playoff games, including as a true freshman with the go-ahead TD in the 2021 National Title against Alabama, and then had another in Texas’ semifinal game last year. Mitchell should be an outside receiver at the pro level, pushing Alec Pierce for reps opposite Michael Pittman Jr.


Round 3, Pick 79: Pittsburgh Offensive Lineman Matt Gonclaves (6-6, 317)

-2023 Stats: 3 games played (3 starts at left tackle).

-Career Stats: 38 games played (24 starts: 13 at right tackle, 11 at left tackle).

-Interesting Fact: A foot injury shortened Goncalves’ final college season to just 3 games, easily one of the smallest final year sample sizes the Colts have drafted under Chris Ballard.

-Ballard’s Quote to Note: “I actually got to see him play at left tackle because their right tackle got hurt the year before when he was the starting right tackle and kicked to left tackle. So, you got to see him play left tackle so that was good because we go back and watch junior tape – younger tape too. We have a good feel for who he is. That was probably one of the most fun calls I’ve had now – it was fun. He’ll fit in now…He was one of our favorite O-linemen in the draft and that’s including all of them.”

-Outlook: Even the Colts are a little unsure of where Goncalves will end up along the offensive line. His starting experience was at both tackle spots, but some believe he could be an inside guy at the next level. It’s unusual to see a Colts draft pick coming off just a 3-game senior season, but clearly the Colts were struck by what Goncalves had done up to that point. Having former Panthers assistant Charlie Partridge now with the Colts offered some unique perspective on a draft pick. It’s rare to see the Colts trade up in the draft, especially in one of the first three rounds, so clearly they really coveted Gonclaves. But the exact fit for him in the NFL remains to be seen.


Round 4, Pick 117: Wisconsin Guard/Center Tanor Bortolini (6-4, 303)

-2023 Stats: 12 games (12 starts at center).

-Career Stats: 35 career games played (28 starts). 13 at center, 8 at left guard, 3 at right guard, 3 at right tackle.

-Interesting Fact: Nicknamed Bort, the small-town Wisconsin native rocks quite the mullet.

-Ballard’s Quote to Note: “We start off taking Tanor who is a Wisconsin grad, that’s always a good thing. Excited to get him, we think he’s got a bright future. He started a lot of games at Wisconsin, he played at both tackle positions at one time, he’s played guard, he started at center. We think he’s got really good value as an inside-swing guy for us and he’s got a really bright future.”

-Outlook: Unlike Goncalves, the career path for Bortolini has some clearer light at the end of the tunnel. Seeing Bortolini eventually as the center to Anthony Richardson should be the goal, and it seems pretty realistic. Ryan Kelly turns 31 next week and he’s in a contract year. Even if Kelly wants to play past this contract, Bortolini can still be an interior guy for you before eventually using those impressive athletic traits at center. It’s easier to put on strength, then athleticism, so that will be the early professional goal for Borotolini.

Round 5, Pick 142: Oregon State Anthony Gould (5-8, 174)

-2023 Stats: 12 games (10 career starts). Caught 44 balls for 718 yards and 2 touchdowns. Returned 7 punts for 113 yards (16.1 average).

-Career Stats: 43 games (20 career starts). Caught 84 balls for 1,360 yards and 6 touchdowns. Returned 26 punts for 427 yards (16.4 average).

-Interesting Fact: In 2018, Gould was the 6A Kansas High School State runner-up in the 100-meter dash.

-Ballard’s Quote to Note: “Anthony Gould, who we were really excited to get. The return game is going to be very important. This new kickoff return rule is going to change some things. It’s a little bit of an unknown right now but we think he’s got – he’s an explosive player with the ball in his hands, he has had a lot of success in college returning punts and he’s a pretty good wideout so excited to get him.”

-Outlook: Wisely, the Colts used a Day 3 pick in trying to inject some life into a rule change we saw the NFL throw at teams earlier this offseason. Given his college resume, Gould has the opportunity to immediately be the team’s returner, on both punt and kick units. While Gould’s punt return game at Oregon State was crazy impressive, the NFL’s rule change on the kick return should put him in a spot to handle those duties, too. Offensively, you know Shane Steichen is going to have some plays/packages dialed up for Gould, even though his consistent playing time will be small over there. In the end, if Gould can give the Colts a first down or two every game on those return units, he will be more than worth a 5th round pick.

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