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The Indianapolis Indians were founded in 1903. Not often do minor league baseball players become beloved within their community the way Razor Shines is in Indianapolis. Today the Indians announced that he will become the first player in history to have their number retired.

Shines played for the Indians for nine seasons from 1984-1989 before going to Buffalo for one season and returning in 1991 through 1993. He played in 68 games with the Montreal Expos, but was most remembered as an Indianapolis Indian.

He joined Query & Company Friday afternoon to share his emotions when he got the call.

“It hasn’t sank in yet. First of all, I never in my life have been at a loss for words. I was speechless, I didn’t know what to say. I’m still kind of out there wondering if this is real and if I am dreaming. I really don’t know right now what I feel. Everybody in Indianapolis has been so great to me, the fans, the Schumaker family, Max especially. He’s been more than a general manager, he’s been a father figure to me. There’s nothing I ever wanted in Indianapolis that man wouldn’t get for me. For them to do this for me, to retire my jersey number, it’s mind boggling to me. I still haven’t grasped it yet.” Shines expressed.

Once his playing career ended in 1993, he started his coaching career at Bishop Chatard High School. He would also coach at Lebanon High School in 1998 and 1999. For most of the 2000’s he coached in various Minor League Baseball organizations. He then serves as a base coach for the Chicago White Sox in 2007 and the New York Mets from 2009-2010.

No matter where he is or was, whether as a player, coach, father, or grandfather, he will always call Indianapolis home.

“I got the opportunity to go to the major leagues and it was everything they talked about. But it wasn’t home. Home was in Indianapolis. That’s where my family was, that’s where everybody I knew seamed to me. It was hard leaving there. My daughter and son both understand what the city means to us. We lived there, they grew up there, and stayed there so long. It was fun, it was understandable that Indianapolis was home. Indianapolis is home for me, always has been.”

Razor Shines Weekend begins on the final week of the regular season for the Indianapolis Indians on Friday, September 13th. For more information about that weekend, click here.

Other topics that the former first baseman discussed with Jake Query & Jimmy Cook were:

  • What he’s doing now with his professional coaching career over
  • His favorite places to go in Indianapolis
  • What he would do during the off-season

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