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Stephen Holder from ESPN joins the show to talk about the Colts and the injury to Jonathan Taylor. The injury will definitely hurt the team’s playoff chances if Gardner Minshew is looked to deliver more than he can. When Minshew is tasked with more, he presses, and he gets outside himself. The hope is that Zach Moss can step up, although Taylor’s shoes will be difficult to fill. Jake asked Stephen if the thumb injury was on his left hand. While unable to confirm, Stephen explains that an injury to the offhand is still troublesome: 

Even if it’s his left, you still have some concern. You will often see ball carriers switch hands depending on which way they’re running, which way the pursuit is coming from… even if it is the offhand you will still be concerned with ball security. 

While the Taylor injury is the topic of the moment, Holder gave his thoughts about the Reich termination from the Carolina, where the Colts are weakest on the roster, and what other projects he’s currently working on. Listen to the Holder interview here:

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